Fall semester prep/orientation

If you are attending college for the first time this fall you probably have to attend an orientation session this summer. Here are some things to expect:

-Some schools require you to stay the night in the dorms. You likely will be paired with a random student(s). My school paired me with someone who was admitted to the same residential college as me which gave me a familiar face in the fall. This is often your first taste of living with a stranger and staying in a dorm room. It’s kind of nice soft intro to dorm life.

-Your parents or guardians may be attending events on different parts of campus so you may be on your own for the day.

-You probably will get your picture taken for your student ID. In my experience, this was at 8 in the morning, so be prepared. After classes start, you should take your ID every where as it is often used to access dorm halls, meal plans, snacks from cafes, etc. It can also get you discounts at some places such as movie theaters.

-You will probably need to pick your class schedule for fall (and possibly winter). You’re probably thinking UHH WHAT? Don’t worry. There are people there to help you decide what you need to take and there are basic classes that everyone needs to take to graduate.

-On the topic of schedules, realize that you probably will have not have the most ideal schedule to start. At my school, you were allowed access for scheduling classes by the number of credits you had. As a freshman you are on the end of that totem pole.

-When deciding on a schedule, while you might not have much choice, think about your work habits. Do you do feel more alert in the morning? Afternoon? Try to pick classes that fit with your internal clock. You probably will get stuck with some 8 AM’s at some point though. But you can do it, you got up earlier than that for high school.

-There are often orientations/seminars right before school as well. I recommend going to some of these even as boring as they sound. It’s an easy way to meet people “Hey do you know where this thing is happening? Me either, let’s find out together.”

-There may be ice breaker events/games in the evening if you are staying the night. These may be terrifying to you but do your best to participate. You never know what could happen. I know a lot of people who stayed good friends with people they met at orientation.

Do you have any other tips/advice for orientation? Comment below!


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