Sugar Wax

I hateeeee shaving. I hate how it grows back so fast and can leave bumps and cuts. Razors are expensive too! I started looking into more long lasting methods and I stumbled across sugar wax or sugaring. I’m not in a financial position to get waxed professionally every few weeks so I decided to give homemade sugar wax a try.

You can make sugar wax with just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. Sugar, lemon juice, salt, and water.

I tried this recipe from Cacao Culture.


The first time I made this I used 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp of lemon juice, and 2 tbsp of water. I put my baking sheet in the freezer before I started the wax so it would cool quicker. You cook the mixture over medium high heat until it becomes a yellow golden color. I would try to find a flat plan because mine bent slightly up in the middle making it hard to cook it evenly. Next you pour the mixture onto a baking sheet or a marble counter (I don’t suggest this). I also just put a little bit of water on the sheet (unlike the video) because water makes the wax melt and it becomes too wet and liquidy. Pull the mixture towards the center of the baking sheet with a spoon as it cools and becomes harder. You want to wet your hands slightly before pulling the wax, I suggest using an ice cube to do this. Have a couple cubes in a glass nearby. Once its thicker you can wet your hands with the ice and stretch it.

I also used some ideas for preparing my skin for sugaring from this video.
I showered first and completely dried the area before sugaring. You should also use corn starch or baby powder on the spot you want to wax to soak up any perspiration and to protect your skin from being ripped with the wax. You may also want to take Advil or Tylenol before you start if you have a lower pain tolerance. I chose to drink some wine instead.


Okay, so the first time I made this I followed the steps above and made the wax. I immediately went and tried it out. It worked for a minute or so and then became too liquidy and was just sticking to my fingers and body. It was a hot mess. I decided to put the remainder in the fridge and try again the next day. It worked better the next day though it did not pull as many hairs as I had hoped so I kept going over areas. After about a half hour, it became too sticky like before.

The second time I made this was yesterday. I used almost the same amount of ingredients as the first time but I did not use a full cup of sugar since I was almost out. I also forgot to put the baking sheet in the freezer and use ice cubes on my hands. The mixture was more liquid than I had wanted so I stuck it in the fridge. About a half hour later, I decided to try it and again it only worked for a few seconds before becoming a sticky mess. I was frustrated so I tried just ripping it off with my finger and even cut a piece of t shirt to try to use a wax strip. Fail, fail, fail. I put it back in the fridge and decided to try again today! It worked a little tiny bit better but not like the first time. I also have some bruising from yesterday’s fiasco :/ I think that I did not use enough corn starch and that is probably why that happened. Alas, I had to return to shaving.

Despite my failure to achieve smooth skin, I think that I will continue to try this method altering the recipe each time until I get it right. I feel that I was close the first time and that using even less water might do the trick. Until then, the stubble continues.

What methods do you use for hair removal? Have you had success with homemade wax? Leave a comment below!


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